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It all begins at home...

There's an absolute wealth of resources for parents, providing information and assistance in guiding kids and teens toward adulthood without the need for enhancing or altering their mood with abusive substances.

We've chosen a number of valuable references to disseminate for you here. Please contact us at any time for additional information. We'll provide whatever guidance you need to help you, as parents, make informed and educated decisions about your children with regards to the realities of substance abuse. We're here for you, always. Just call or write.

By Phone: (352) 586-7214

Physical Address:
212 W. Main Street
Inverness, FL 34450

Underage Drinking Info (PDF Document) - A MUST READ FOR PARENTS

And check these two sites for more valuable info:

Get Smart About DrugsJoin Us! Developed just for Get Smart About Drugs, we need your help getting our new facebook page off the ground. Become a fan, post a message on the discussion board, and add our Flair to your personal profile!
Visit: http://www.getsmartaboutdrugs.com

Get the facts about drugsThere is a lot of information on the use of drugs in popular culture, on the Internet, and in daily conversation with friends and peers. Some of the information is accurate, but much of it is not.
Visit: http://www.justthinktwice.com/drugfacts


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